eco-tracker has a number of valuable features that allow your organisation to reduce costs and utility consumption:

  • Online secured access (24/7)
  • Flexibility to report on any utility type - including energy, fluids, waste, production, energy generation
  • Weekly performance report via email
  • Graphing of consumption including:
    • Hourly/daily/weekly/monthly/yearly consumption
    • Comparing multiple meters
    • Comparing multiple time periods
    • Comparing hourly consumption with local temperature
  • Maintain account details
  • Automated upload of data via FTP/email from:
    • electricity smart meters and suitably equipped utility meters*
    • Genesis Now supplied sub-meters and data loggers
    • compatible sub-metering systems
    • building and industrial automation systems
    • compatible solar inverters, web-boxes
    • compatible PLCs, controllers
  • Admin level accounts include:
    • Manual upload of any data
    • Manual data entry of daily readings
    • Manage meters (add, rename, delete)
  • Consideration of meter factors
  • Ability to understand NEMMCO standard file format

*Schedule and availability dependant on the utility supplier and meter capabilities 

Where existing meters are not available or you would like to additional sub-meters installed, Genesis Now can provide the full service including:

  • Consultancy work to determine the most effective sub-metering solution for your needs,
  • Manage the supply, install and commissioning works required in a sub-metering project,
  • Securing a data feed from the sub-meters and displaying data on eco-tracker


Note: The list of features of eco-tracker is continuously evolving. To find out more about items planned in the future please Contact Us

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