Q: Will I need to install and learn new software?

A: No.  You only need an Internet browser, access to the Internet and an email program to enjoy the full benefits of eco-tracker

Q: What will it cost?

A: The monthly service fee will vary according to metering requirements (we will be happy to supply a firm price for any site). We have found that the on-going savings are much greater than the investment in eco-tracker.

Q: How many unique users will we get?

A: Ten per site, but please let us know if you would like more.  Each user will get an automatic email report on energy performance (if they wish).

Q: eco-tracker seems to have everything we need, but what if I think of something else we would like?

A: We'd love to hear about it.  We are improving the eco-tracker service everyweek, and have already incorporated many user suggestions. Please Contact Us.

Q: Environmental management is a fast changing field. Will eco-tracker keep up?

A: Because eco-tracker is web-based, we are able to make changes quickly, once a need is identified.

Q: How did you decide which graphs to include on eco-tracker?

A: The graphs are based on over 20 years experience of working with energy data and discovering what is required to identify energy savings potential.

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