Online Utility Monitoring with Eco-Tracker

Timely energy monitoring with up to date data analysis

eco-tracker is an online utility monitoring system to help organisations manage, understand, and reduce their energy usage.

eco-tracker quickly and simply shows you how much electricity, water, gas,... your organisation is using, down to the hour.

eco-tracker offers you the opportunity to share information with management, staff, students or other organisations world-wide.

eco-tracker can be configured to automatically upload your energy data daily

eco-tracker has been developed by environmental engineers in consultation with industry and government agencies. It is built on knowledge obtained over 20+ years within the industry.

eco-tracker is an evolving tool growing with our customers needs.


Automatic data collection

Eco-Tracker automatically provides up to date energy monitoring data, allowing savings opportunities to be quickly recognized for maximal savings, eliminating the need for time consuming and error prone manual entry.

Email reports

Receive regular email custom reports to easily keep track of your organisations energy usage and performance, with automatic comparisons of previous weeks.

Multiple resources

As well as Electricity, Gas and Water, Eco-Tracker can be configured to work with many energy and resource types including materials, fluids, energy generation, etc.

Custom detailed graphs

Eco-Tracker automatically provides hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and custom graphs with custom controls. Graphs can be alongside factors such as temperature and compared to multiple other meters and times to assess energy cost reduction. Graphs can be targeted to single meters to allow you to pinpoint energy use, waste and opportunities. Graphs can easily be downloaded and added to reports. Eco-tracker eliminates the drudgery of analysing data.

24/7 Online secured access

Eco tracker provides secured online access 24/7. Whether on mobile, desktop or tablet you can securely access Eco-Tracker anytime, anywhere. Eco-Tracker automaticallly backs up data to help eliminate the risk of lost information.

User details and controls

Eco-Tracker allows you to have multiple users with different levels of permissions, including upload data, manual data entry, managing meters, etc. Different privelidges can be configured for different members of the team.

Custom reporting

Eco-tracker allows you to generate custom reports based on energy usage for specific areas or times.

Monitoring by Genesis Now

Genesis Now is able to monitor your energy usage and alert you to any spikes in usage to quickly rectify the problem and keep energy consumption low. In addition, we are able to assess further energy savings.


The list of features of eco-tracker is continuously evolving. To find out more about items planned in the future, or if you have a feature request please Contact Us

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