16 Reasons why you need eco-tracker

  1. eco-tracker provides timely energy monitoring, so savings opportunities can be seized and problems corrected as early as possible, maximising your savings.
  2. up-to-date data makes it much easier to relate changes in energy use to the likely causes
  3. the eco-tracker graphs are ideal for promoting discussion and exploration of saving ideas by staff, contractors, ESD teams, etc.
  4. hourly data makes savings opportunities visible, which cannot be seen with monthly invoices
  5. sub-meter data allows you to pinpoint energy use, waste and opportunities<
  6. sub-meter data allows accurate allocation of energy costs
  7. a wide range of automatically drawn charts eliminate the drudgery of analysing data; allowing you to concentrate on management and creativity
  8. our automatic weekly email report will give you concise and current information on the weekly energy performance of your organisation, including comparisons with the previous week and with the corresponding period a week earlier.  This can also be used to compare energy consumption with targets.
  9. no nasty end-of-financial-year surprises;  manage energy consumption throughout the year.
  10. eco-tracker automatically captures energy use data, eliminating the time-consuming and error prone chore of entering invoice information into spreadsheets or databases
  11. eco-tracker gives you the power to control energy consumption, costs and greenhouse gas emissions.
  12. your energy data is stored on a commercial web server which is backed up daily, and so is much more secure than if stored on a personal computer or most office LANs
  13. the complete eco-tracker system uses your usual web browser and email software, and so is accessible from anywhere with web access, and at anytime
  14. all your data can be accessed by individual staff members, including different people accessing the same data at the same time
  15. you can configure different privileges for all the members of your team.
  16. eco-tracker allows you to communicate your organisation’s commitment to environmental management and progress made, to staff, customers, and the public (but of course, you decide how accessible your organisation’s data is)



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